Do you like to challenge yourself with hardest games in the world and meanwhile feel joy while playing? well, if you do, we have a great news for this case, and this site is definitely for you. Because there is a whole new version of most annoying and hardest game in the world. Flappy bird is an advanced level of challengeable flash game genre, and it is a real duel for your brains logical part and entertaining part.

Earn to die 3

Earn To Die 3

Impossible quiz 2

Impossible quiz 2

Strike force heroes

Strike force heroes

The reason of that is simple, this new version is equipped with modern engine and more awesome graphic texture, also developers put a lot of effort to make it unbeatable and they did that very well, so here is a cool competition for you and lets challenge yourself.

Flappy bird developers create a game, which gives you chance to please yourself, but meanwhile its makes you mad at yourself, because it's hard to win it and every gamer, who has played this game since the release day, was sure about to they can beat it, but when they play and play again and every round was massacre for them, so will you be one of them or you can really beat this mad bird? for get answer to that question, let's play this game, which is clean for every bug and enjoy it.

The controls in this game are simple and cool. Your bird is addicted to flying automatically without stop, so you just need to click the mouse and after every click, he gets higher and higher.

What is the game about!

First of all, i want to tell you, what was the developer's idea, when he creating the first version of this amazing game. Dong Nguyen made this game's application for Androids and iPhone users and upload it on app market. The goal of this was uncomplicated, he just wanted to give people one simple game to kill a time, but counter reaction was really disappointing for him. So many people send their response letters for Dong Nguyen and they were so rude and full of disrespect. The reason of that was simple, this game was so hard for them and after so many people's bad responses, Dong Nguyen has delete game for app story, although it was in the lead of selling scoreboard.

The first version of this game was so famous and popular all over the world, so after so many requests, Dong Nguyen has made a second advanced edition of the Flappy bird and release this new flash version of the game. The scenario of the game is same and simple as previous one, your character is a one desperate bird, who has only one way to get home, but that way is so dangerous, because there are deadly green pipelines and your main mission are to get that little annoying bird safety, without touching that pipeline, but that it's as easy as it sounds at first glance, so play careful or your bird never returns home.

Few words about gameplay

Flappy bird has so simple and hard gameplay at the time and it's a reason, which makes this game incredibly addictive. Your main mission is to fly your silly bird through the green pipelines without even little touch, but for that, you need to watch closely the top and bottom corners of the pipelines. Also, you can't fly too high and too down, because there are invisible walls, which kills you. So, you need to fly as middle as you can.

The graphics in this game have so many updates. There are new texture and while you are going further and further, new details of map are appearing, so try hard and enjoy with this extraordinary game. Good luck.