Flappy bird was designed by Dong Nguyen. He made an application for Iphones and Android Phones. Flappy bird become very popular immediately after had been realized. The application have had millions of customers,but suddenly Nguyen decided to close app, because of the some negative posts in Twitter and Facebook. Many people are fond of this game,so I want to give him a possibility to play Flappy Bird on my website.

I want to write a few words about a game, for people who have not played it yet. Flappy bird is about a Yellow bird, which flies between green pipes. In my opinion it is one of the hardest game I have ever played, but it is so addictive that people play it more and more to get a high score.

Exactly the fact that the game is hard, made some people some people so angry that they have written negative posts on Dong Nguyen's wall.

For me, Flappy bird is just a great tool of entertainment and relaxation,huge amount of people who playing the game think as I am. You have not had an application any more,but my website provides Flappy bird redesign game for the people who want to enjoy the game.

Please, share your high score to defeat each other. I have 44 at this moment!